Theatrical Trailers

Someone once said to me, "Sometimes the best part about going to the movies is the previews". I agree, and if any of you out there are actually old enough to have seen any of our movies when they first came out in the theater, I'm sure you would probably agree too. So, whenever possible, we will also be uploading a copy of the trailer for whatever film the current Chiller Theater is featuring. Anything we can do to provide you the viewer, with a more well-rounded and hopefully less painful movie going experience. Enjoy!


"Vampire's Coffin"


"Enemy from Space"


"Spooks Run Wild"


"The Phantom Ship"


"Nightmare Castle"


"Theatre of Blood"


"Teenagers from Outer Space"


"Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory"


"The Day the Sky Exploded"


"Hands of a Stranger"


"Night Tide"


"Night of the Living Dead"


"The She Beast"


"House on Haunted Hill"


"Godzilla vs Megalon"


"White Zombie"


"The Little Shop of Horrors"


"The Brainiac"


"The Wasp Woman"


"Killers from Space"


"The Atomic Brain"


"She Demons"


"Dementia 13"


"Terror in the Haunted House"


"Attack of the Giant Leeches"


"The Manster"


"The Crawling Hand"


"Monster from a Prehistoric Planet"


"The Mad Monster"


"Horror Express"


"The Giant Gila Monster"


"Santa Claus Conquers the Martians"


"Son of Godzilla"


"The Corpse Grinders"


"Horror Hotel"


"Carnival of Souls"


"Plan 9 from Outer Space"


"The Last Man on Earth"


"Phantom From Space"


"The Killer Shrews"


"A Bucket of Blood"