We have now completed our move over to YouTube! The Chiller Theater website here at Vidmeup is now officially a ghost town. Feel free to wander amongst the buildings if you like but alas, we are no longer here to entertain you.

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It's been fun folks! We've enjoyed entertaining you on Vidmeup these past four years and look forward to continuing to do so over on YouTube!


Chiller Theater Then

Late one night, over 30 years ago, a legend was born... Ned the Dead took to the airwaves of Northeast Wisconsin (and the UP!!!). From "Chiller Theater", to "Ned the Dead's Demented Drive-in", back to "Chiller Theater", and finally "The Ned the Dead Show starring Doc Moreau", Saturday nights always held something really good from really bad movies. Sadly, in the Fall of 2010, Ned "went dark" as they say. Although no longer on the air, the memory of the craziness created by Ned and Doc lives on in the hearts and minds of the tens of loyal fans. Who knows if they will ever return with new episodes, but now, thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now relive the looniness and irreverence of Saturday nights past.

Chiller Theater Now

Now, years after its last broadcast on October 2, 2010, Chiller Theater is back! In early 2014, we began regular Friday night "re-broadcasts" of some of our favorite shows on several of the local Government / Public Access channels. Although still seen every Friday night at 11:00 P.M. on Spectrum / Time Warner Digital Cable throughout the Green Bay / Appleton area, the public's ability to get their Chiller Theater "fix" in any given area is spotty at best because many of the channels favor their own local programming over the (in our opinion) much more entertaining "goodness" that is Chiller Theater.

In the end, most of our fans looking to re-live the plank spanking antics of their favorite "painted little fat man" were still left plankless and so was born... Chiller Theater "Online"!

Thanks to the kind folks here at Vidmeup, we will be bringing you a freshly recycled Chiller Theater every Friday for your streaming enjoyment to coincide with our local cable broadcast. Plus, for those of you who take the additional step of becoming a member of our little club, we are making "bonus" material available to you as a reward to further reinforce the positive decision making skills that you've already exhibited by joining our intrepid group of movie masochists. So, if you haven't already, just click on the link below to Sign-Up. It's FREE and it's easy. Then Login and checkout all of our other pages for more of what makes Chiller Theater so "special". Members will also receive a monthly newsletter keeping them up to date on any extra goodies that may have been posted during the last couple of weeks and to give them a "heads-up" as to which Chiller Theater masterpiece will be arriving on their digital doorstep the following month.

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Ned the Dead's Chiller Theater

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