The Junk Drawer

Yes, everybody's got one. That junk drawer in the kitchen, that closet in the hallway or spare bedroom, or for those of you who really lack ambition, your basement! It's that place where you stick stuff, not because you think it belongs there but because you don't know where else to put it.

So, here it is, Ned and Doc's "Junk Drawer". Another "Members Only" page where we'll be putting everything we think you might like to see but doesn't really fit anywhere else.

In fact, if you have something that lands somewhere inside of the Chiller Theater wheelhouse and you'd like others to see it, let us know about it via email or Facebook and we'll take a look at it and see if it's up to our high standards of quality... which trust me, isn't usually that difficult.

Remember though, you need to be a member of our little club to view the videos on this page. So if you haven't already, just click on the link below to Sign-Up. It's FREE and it's easy. Then Login and checkout Chiller Theater's version of The Island of Misfit Toys, our home for all things unusual, defective and just plain broken. Enjoy!


"Ned the Dead and Doc Moreau - GEEK.KON 2015"


"Who's Digging What"


"Ned the Lard"


"The Orange Carrot Saga"


"Ned the Dead Takes It On the Road to Tom's Drive-In, Neenah"


"? True Hollyweird Story - Ned the Dead"


"Chiller Theater Election Flashback"


"Arch Mess"