Booth Segments

A Little Chiller Theater History

Prior to September 15, 2007, Chiller Theater was on a different channel, with a different set (if you could call it that) and had a slightly different format. In the programs that you are currently watching, Ned and Doc are constantly breaking into the movie to share their wit and wisdom with you. In this previous incarnation of Chiller Theater, however, our slightly less than dynamic duo's appearances were restricted to only right before and directly following the commercial breaks. Also, during this time period, Ned and Doc were seldom allowed to leave their little booth.

No doubt the folks running the show deemed it unsafe to allow Ned to wander around the studio unsupervised.

As such, we have taken to referring to their appearances in these earlier programs as their "Booth Segments".

So, since Ned and Doc's airtime was limited to only the very beginning and end of the movie segments, what we've done is taken all of the bits that the boys did for each of these shows and condensed them down into a solid block of "schlock" for you the viewer, to savor and enjoy.

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"Vampire's Coffin Non-Booth Segments"


"Teenagers from Outer Space Booth Segments"


"Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory Booth Segments"


"Hands of a Stranger Booth Segments"


"Night Tide Booth Segments"


"The Fury of the Wolfman Booth Segments"


"The She Beast Booth Segments"


"House on Haunted Hill Booth Segments"


"White Zombie Booth Segments"


"The Little Shop of Horrors Booth Segments"


"The Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy Booth Segments"


"The Devil Bat Booth Segments"


"The Brainiac Booth Segments"


"The Wasp Woman Booth Segments"


"Killers from Space Booth Segments"


"The Vampire Bat Booth Segments"


"The Atomic Brain Booth Segments"


"Swamp of the Lost Monsters Booth Segments"


"She Demons Booth Segments"


"Dementia 13 Booth Segments"


"Revolt of the Zombies Booth Segments"


"Terror in the Haunted House Booth Segments"


"Attack of the Giant Leeches Booth Segments"


"The Manster Booth Segments"


"The Crawling Hand Booth Segments"


"Monster from a Prehistoric Planet Booth Segments"


"The Mad Monster Booth Segments"


"The Giant Gila Monster Booth Segments"